We miss you...

The sea, the sun and the beaches miss you, too! But this is temporary. An amazing holiday is waiting for you afterwards. We are planning both a healthy and happy holiday for you. We promise you that it will be much better than the previous one.
We also have good news! Weather is getting warmer and the sea is more beautiful than ever... Yes, our dream-like beaches missed you too. We will be together soon.
We are sending you amazing videos and writing about Antalya since you might be getting bored at home. Also, we have prepared content with #StayHomeDreamAntalya hashtag to say that we are always by your side.
We all will share with #StayHomeDreamAntalya hashtag for the good times.
If you missed us too, go on and share.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

The hundreds of incredible hotels.

The people.

The sea.

The sun.

We all are preparing to offer you a healthy and happy holiday.


It is always good to remember the holidays but all holidays are beautiful with you in Antalya...
We have selected amazing videos for you. This beautiful sea is waiting for you.

We are sharing for you on social media with #StayHomeDreamAntalya hashtag.

We have missed you and we are waiting for you.


#StayHomeDreamAntalya initiative is created by tourism volunteers who love Antalya.
You can contact us here, download the media kit and share #StayHomeDreamAntalya hashtag with everyone.